MMA-Style Move Saves Bully Victim [VIDEO]

It’s not known in which state this happened, but someone captured a bullying incident with their cell phone. It takes place on a school bus and a boy is clearly being physically bullied by a girl. However, when she starts kicking him, he turns the fucking tables… and if there’s anything we love at Yell! Magazine, it’s when a bully gets his/her comeuppance.

The victim retaliates and puts his aggressor in a nice MMA-style chokehold, even locking it in. Sure, kids have been using this move for years, and yes, even the WWF (WWE now) inspired such moves, but given our affinity for mixed martial arts, we’re giving credit to the sport.

As awesome as it is to see the boy get the upperhand, the best part of the video might be the girl’s brother exclaiming, “Get the fuck off my fucking sister,” before he tries to intervene, only to be kicked away. So, yes, our victim essentially takes on two tormentors.

Correction: the best part is the victim courteously asking the girl if she’s OK after all is said and done.

I wonder if she learned a lesson that day.

Rock Hard \m/

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