Crawl Or Die (Formerly Crawl Bitch Crawl) Japanese Trailer [VIDEO]

…and in Japan it’s known as Alien Crawl, which makes total sense after watching this Japanese trailer.

We’ve been anticipating Crawl or Die for over a year now, and in the past we’ve called it, in no uncertain terms, a claustrophobic nightmare. We’re sticking to that, but now that we’ve seen what’s chasing the lovely Tank (Niclole Alonso) down those perpetually narrowing tubes, we totally see the Alien inspiration. Hey, you can’t go wrong with that kind of influence.

Judging from this Japanese trailer, I’m seeing Mad Max meets Alien, which means I’m feeling jitters like a virgin teen on his first date.

If anyone feels the urge to condemn writer/director Oklahoma Ward for his source of inspiration, I encourage you to condemn anything written since the Bible or Shakespeare. OK, obviously Ward isn’t a Shakespeare, but what he’s got here with Crawl or Die is a fresh take on an awesome story… and it’s not a fucking remake!

Alien Crawl hit DVD in Japan on June 3, 2014. We’re still awaiting a more precise North American announcement (last word was a July release), but the film did have a showing in Los Angeles a few months back.

We’ll keep you posted.

Rock Hard \m/

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