New Music Warning: Pillory Will Induce Tech Death Eargasms

pillory evolutionary miscarriage - album cover

Holy shit! Check out that album cover. It’s not typically the type of artwork that I like on an album cover, but the artwork on Pillory’s upcoming Evolutionary Miscarriage is just mind-blowing, captivating, and beautiful.

Then there’s the issue of the album’s second track, “Mass Enmity,” which is streaming exclusively at No Clean Singing. It’s a cacophony of bizarre rhythms, strange changes, violent and vicious singing, trippy leads, and tones that sound purposefully out of tune — it’s a marriage of opposites attract. And while all this can be enjoyed on a visceral level, there’s a cerebral context here that demands repeat listening… and then some more.

Check it out at NCS and then let us know what you think of this Tech Death masterpiece.

Pillory hails from Boston and their Evolutionary Miscarriage follow-up to 2005’s No Life Guard at the Gene Pool is due out June 10, 2014, on Unique Leader Records.

If you’re digging “Mass Enmity” as much as we are, then pre-order Evolutionary Miscarriage now, via

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