World War Z Sequel Gets A Writer

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World War Z Sequel

Despite an entire internet’s worth of anger, World War Z was a success. It made over 500 million dollars worldwide, which is big business, but even bigger business considering that it is a zombie/horror movie, a subgenre that everyone groans at now. “But it wasn’t like the boooooooooook…. I can’t enjoy something that isn’t exactly like the boooooooooook…….,” nerds moaned from beneath some toilet water.

Due to its success, there’s gonna be a World War Z 2, also starring Brad Pitt (Kalifornia), and being directed by J.A. Bayona, who’s been doing some kickass work on Penny Dreadful recently. And today, we learned that Steven Knight, who wrote films like Locke, Dirty, Pretty Things, and Eastern Promises, is attached to the screenplay. If any complaints can be aimed at the first film, it’s that the writing was uneven, which is predictable, considering that about four and a half people wrote the thing. And if you’ve seen any of the films that I’ve listed above, you know that Knight can put a decent story together, which, when dealing with the undead, is surprisingly necessary. One might not think that zombie movies need anything but massive amounts of carnage, but that’s all we’ve gotten over the past four years, and people wince at the word “zombie” now. You gotta slip in a little story every once in a while. Keeps the people on their toes.

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