Quote Of The Day: “Who Does What For A Living?”

Stop this f*cking song! I’m so sick of this shit. You’ve got motherf*ckers like Randy Blythe, nicest motherf*cking guy in the world. Some asshole goes into his office, f*cks his f*cking world up, and the guy almost goes to prison in a foreign f*cking country. Who does what for a living? Do I go into your office and f*ck your computer up? No. You know why? I respect you and I love you. Thank you. A lot of people think I’m a dick, go suck one, motherf*cker. This is about respect. My eyes are closed, I’m playing my goddamn heart out. You could have broken every f*cking tooth in my mouth. Thank you, security.

– Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein at Maryland Deathfest, 2014

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