More Tiresome Talk About A Pantera Reunion

Yes, Pantera was great and, quite frankly, changed the Heavy Metal landscape. Then they broke up, and were no more.

People seem to forget that and the fact that there was bad blood in that band before Dimebag’s tragic death. If a great band breaks up for whatever reason, there’s usually very little talk about them getting back together from fans. Of course there are exceptions, like Black Sabbath, Van Halen, KISS, etc.

I think the only reason people want the Pantera reunion so badly is because Dimebag is dead. If he’d lived, I don’t think there’d be half as many people talking about a Pantera reunion as there are today. What’s more, I think it’s the media that perpetuates this idea, and I’m not entirely innocent either.

However, it’s tiring. As much as I’d like to see the surviving members of Pantera bury the hatchet to take on a reunion, with Zakk Wylde in tow, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. We should all stop beating this dead horse and shut our collective holes about it.

The closest we’re going to get to this is the recent Black Label Society performance in Dallas with Phil Anselmo on vocals and Rex Brown on bass:

But that BLS performance isn’t the only thing to pop up recently. In a recent interview with Matt Pinfield (I can’t believe this guy is still around! I don’t think I’ve seen him since the KISS documentary, The Second Coming) for Fanpass at Rock on the Range, Anselmo answered the reunion question:

At the end of the day, there would have to be a meeting at a table — or without a table — between Rex, Vince [Vinnie Paul] and I, and there would have to be a big-time understanding between the two of us [Vinnie and Philip] before anything happens at all. Otherwise I think … There is a great percentage of me that says, ‘This generation deserves it. Let’s do it.’ And then there’s a reservation in me that says, ‘You know what, man? Legacies get passed down. This, that, the other. Maybe we should leave it alone and just let it be part of lore and the history and whatnot.

Watch the video in the player above for the full interview.

What do you think: Are you sick of hearing about the possibility of a Pantera reunion? Do you want a reunion?

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