Stephen King’s IT Remake Moving Forward With New Line Cinema

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It’s not hard to hate clowns. When they try to make a joke, all that comes out of their mouths are wolf howls, and children’s tears immediately turn to paint when they touch a clown’s skin, which explains everything. As with most scary topics, Stephen King decided to take the fear of clowns and turn it into a 1,000 page novel, entitled It, which soon received a miniseries television adaptation. The adaptation isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it did imprint the vision of a leering clown with sharp teeth talking to you through a storm drain into the minds of everyone who saw it.

We all float down here.

New Line Cinema, most famous for distributing the Nightmare on Elm Street films, will be overseeing the creation of the It remake, which will, for the first time, bring Pennywise to your movie theaters, and simultaneously ruin multiple things in the lives of a new generation. The It remake is set to span two parts, the first detailing the friendship of the Losers’ Club and how they took down Pennywise, and the second dealing with the adult members of the club coming back together to take on the evil of IT once more.

Cary Fukunaga, most famous for directing all eight episodes of the first season of True Detective, is set to direct the remake. And I hope, in New Line Cinema tradition, that they don’t stop at two parts, and we inevitably get It: Clown Warriors and It: Clown Master.

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