X-Men Wolverine Fully Automatic Claws [VIDEO]

When I was growing up I wanted mutant powers so badly. Super speed, increased strength, lasers from my eyes or hands, anything. Hell, by the time high school rolled around I would’ve taken super ability to make friends. Sadly, I was granted none of these gifts. Charles Xavier never invited me to his School for Gifted Youngsters, and, to this day, I have still haven’t fought Magneto or Apocalypse. Like most people of my generation, I choose to blame this on the Baby Boomers.

Colin Furze, British Internet TV inventor, has apparently decided that he’s had enough with evolution’s plan for mankind and has gone ahead and created his own pair of Wolverine claws. I remember taking my mom’s kitchen knives and putting them between my fingers in an effort to pretend that I was both Wolverine AND likable, but Colin’s invention is slightly more complex. It uses an air pump to smoothly extend and retract the sharp claws, and the video shows him doing everything that anyone would do if they had Wolverine claws, namely swinging wildly and cutting things apart.

Colin’s YouTube channel also features a lot more inventions and stunts and is pretty entertaining, so you should all check that out. I hope that, somehow, these Wolverine claws can be mass produced for the world, specifically for the globe of Internet users. So far the Internet has only managed to recreate the powers of the mutant Toad: slimy social isolation.

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