Transformers: Age Of Extinction: Watch The New Trailer Here [VIDEO]

I cried during Beast Wars: Transformers when I was a little kid, because Dinobot died. If you don’t remember, and you don’t, in Beast Wars, Dinobot joined Optimus Primal and his group of Maximals, after Megatron beat the shit out of him. Dinobot was always snarky and really unwilling to tell the other robots that he loved them, effectively making him every 8-year-olds’ favorite character. Eventually though, he sacrificed himself to save the others, because HE CARED ALL ALONG. I never found out what happened after that, because Pokemon came along and consumed my entire being.

What I’m trying to say is that I give more of a shit about Transformers: Age of Extinction than I did about Transformers, Transformers: Jesus, Revenge. Happen Already, and Transformers: Slow Day On The FX Channel, Huh? Dinosaurs, robot or not, are a main selling point for the me demographic, and I’d be lying a little if Gunheadatron didn’t awaken memories of my first-grade self drawing that exact same stupid robot. Optimus Prime riding dinosaurs? I want two tickets, one for me AND one for my nerd boner.

The film is set to come out on June 27th, so get ready to see Mark Wahlberg stare incredulously at robots, just like god always intended.

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