Arch Enemy: Live Apocalypse (London Forum, 2004) – Yell! Magazine’s Full Concert Series

Not going to lie: Angela Gossow will be missed. She was so integral to this band.

If you’re not ready to have your face blown off, then you’re not ready to watch Arch Enemy.

The Live Apocalypse show was filmed at the London Forum, on December 17, 2004. It was the last performance Christopher Amott played with Arch Enemy before his short-lived (first) departure. But, aside from that, I believe it was a time when Angela Gossow was still out proving her salt as a death metal vocalist. Not that she is any less of a vocalist today, but there’s an intensity in her performance at this 2004 show that comes from only having two albums under your belt with your new band.

The rest of the band (Michael Amott, Christopher Amott, Daneil Erlandsson, and Sharlee D’Angelo) was equally as hungry too. This hunger often comes with the rejuvenation that a new singer brings to the band. They weren’t a fresh band at the time either, as Arch Enemy was promoting their fifth album, Anthems of Rebellion.

Live Apocalypse is available on DVD, and it’s evident from the excellent performance that this is a fan essential. Plus the camera work and video quality almost make it better than actually being there. So, go ahead, queue the video up and mosh in your living room.

You can buy Arch Enemy – Live Apocalypse for $19.99 at Amazon.

Arch Enemy – Live Apocalypse track listing:

1. “Tear Down the Walls/Intro”
2. “Enemy Within”
3. “Silent Wars”
4. “Burning Angel”
5. “Dead Eyes See No Future”
6. “Dead Bury Their Dead”
7. “Bury Me an Angel”
8. “Drum Solo”
9. “Instinct”
10. “Savage Messiah”
11. “The First Deadly Sin”
12. “The Immortal”
13. “Bridge of Destiny”
14. “We Will Rise”
15. “Heart of Darkness”
16. “Snow Bound”
17. “Ravenous”
18. “Fields of Desolation/Outro”
19. “Marching on a Dead End Road”

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