Wolfenstein: The New World Order – Shootin’, Stabbin’, Stranglin’ Nazis [Launch Trailer]

Wolfenstein: The New World Order comes to all consoles and PC next week, on May 20th, and to help tantalize your inner FPS killer, Bethesda has today released the launch trailer. Consisting of mostly cutscenes, with very little gameplay footage, the game looks absolutely stunning, and ultra violent with lots of blood to be spilled. That rocks in our opinion, and for us places Wolfenstein: The New World Order in contention for a Game of the Year award. Let’s hope so, because creative director Jens Matthies has said that MachineGames has loads of ideas for a second title.

In Wolfenstein‘s post-WWII 1960s, the Nazis rule the world, and as with any soul-crushing regime, there’s going to be a resistance, of which you’re a part of. You wouldn’t want to play as a Nazi, would you? Maybe a Nazi zombie, but surely not as a Nazi. Anyway, as B.J. Blazkowicz you must join other resistance fighters to bring down the Nazi regime.

Adding to the game’s awesomeness is the fact that Meshuggah’s guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal, has provided the music. Wolfenstein: The New World Order could give you 20 hours of gameplay, if you’re a completist an collect everything

As a bonus, if you pre-order Wolfenstein: The New World Order , and you’re on Xbox One, PS4, or PC, you’ll get access to the upcoming beta for the new Doom game.

Rock Hard \m/

Source: GameSpot

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