The Greatest Hit Of Disturbed – Hilarious Parody Video

My contempt for Disturbed’s David Draiman is no secret, so when I came across this parody video, I couldn’t stop myself from letting out an evil, hateful, savage laugh. It just sucks that NonRandomNonSense, the party responsible for the video, actually like this piece of shit band.

Title “The Greatest Hit of Disturbed,” the video features actor Brandon Muller as the pierced, bald-headed Draiman and Archie Wilson providing the vocals. Both of these guys deserve an award for personifying Dorky Draiman to a T.

Other than the endless “Yuh-muh-nuh!” lyrics, which is exactly how any Disturbed song sounds, the best part of this video is when fake Draiman starts yawning and checking his watch as he performs. Other highlights in this parody, which is formatted as an infomercial, include the narrator’s lines:

No band has ever done more with less than Disturbed.


This is the definitive collection for fans of repetitive vocal phrasing.

I don’t know how these guys can claim to be fans since their insults are so, so, so on point. Also, let’s note that NonRandomNonSense has also update the about information to state that Disturbed has endorsed the video, stating that, “Here is a band that has every legal right to have this video taken down for copyright infringement (plus it totally makes fun of them!), and yet they’ve embraced it and shared it.”

Actually, NonRandomNonSense, Disturbed has no right to have your video removed because it is a parady, which is protected in copyright law. Know your shit before you start giving undeserved praise.

Rock Hard \m/

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