Check Out The First Trailer For V/H/S: Viral [VIDEO]

I’m really hoping that the word “viral” at the end of the title V/H/S: VIRAL is just there because it’s a buzzword that audiences understand as being sort of relevant to modern stuff, like titling your movie That Awkward Moment. I really don’t want another movie in which one of the plot devices is literally someone exclaiming, “It’s got 100,000 hits on YouTube in the first day!” Even less so if that “viral” video is of someone being supernaturally murdered. For some reason, I don’t think YouTube’s Terms and Conditions would allow for graphic dismemberment.

That said, the first trailer for the upcoming V/H/S: VIRAL looks kind of cool. It gives you no idea about the story, but that’s alright, considering that the V/H/S films are anthologies, and, in the space of two minutes, it’s hard to give audiences a clear synopses of four to five different little films. I do dig the extended (and by extended, I mean lasting more than two seconds, which, in horror movie trailer time, is forever) scene in what looks like a shower, where the camera snap pans from one side of the room to the other.

I hope that this series starts to phase out the interconnecting narrative that they’ve had so far, which always gives a reason for the V/H/S tapes to be watched. Why do we need that? I know that anthology films aren’t very popular in the mainstream anymore, but I don’t need to have an actual movie character watching the tapes too, only to be killed by a ghost. Just make them straightforward anthology films. I doubt anyone will miss the long expository sequence of a group of young adults explaining why they need to turn on a VCR.

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