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You got us. We’re doing Godsmack as part of our Full Concert Series because of the beef between Nikki Sixx and Sully Erna that made headlines this week. The beef is actually a few years old, but Sixx Tweeted some stuff recently that grabbed everyone’s attention.

That being said, what we’re presenting tonight is Godsmack’s Gold-certified Live concert DVD, released in 2001, and recorded at Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts, in March 2001. At the time, Godsmack was still a young band, having formed just six years prior and only two albums deep. Needless to say, the performance shows how high-energy they were… and the hometown crowd was nuts.

Speaking of the crowd, Godsmack fans always seemed a bit on the douchbag/jock/gym rat side of things, and you can see that in the fans in attendance. Just look at all those ball caps turned backwards; that says it all. These are probably the same fans who like(d) Limp Bizkit. In their defence, Godsmack is a gateway band to Heavy Metal, and some never go much deeper. Also, it makes sense for jocks to be into Godsmack since they have that high-octane, high-energy, driving beat with a touch of violence that conjures a lot of adrenaline. Kind of like AC/DC.

If nothing else, seeing an early concert from Godsmack shows us why they’ve since released three more successful albums and two other DVDs. The sound, the professionalism, the energy, the show, it was top shelf.

One thing I have a problem with is the fact that Godsmack is labeled as an “Alternative Metal” band… I’ve always thought of them as Post-Grunge. For me, my genre classification has the added weight of what I perceive to be an Alice in Chains influence. Now — it might be documented somewhere, but I’ve never read it — consider that the band name “Godsmack” is the title of an Alice in Chains song and the sun logo resembles the one used by Chains. Post-Grunge it is then.

Godsmack Live DVD Set List:

“Sick of Life”
“Bad Magick”
“Bad Religion”
“Get Up, Get Out!”
“Keep Away”

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Rock Hard \m/

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