Two Clips From Lucky McKee’s All Cheerleaders Die, Including U.S. Trailer

I was first introduced to Lucky McKee’s work through the episode of Masters of Horror that he directed “Sick Girl.” Since then, I’ve seen most of the films in his oeuvre. May is great, and The Woods and Red, while flawed, are also decent films. The Woman, however, is definitely in my top 10 horror movies of the last decade and cemented Lucky McKee as one of those directors that I have to keep an eye out for whenever it’s announced that they’re working on something new. Seriously, if you haven’t seen The Woman, go now and see it. Either that, or brick yourself into a wall like in The Cask of Amontillado and never come out. Those are your two options.

Pick carefully.

His latest film, All Cheerleaders Die, is actually a remake of a film that he himself directed back in 2001, and it concerns a group of undead cheerleaders getting revenge on a football team that caused the accident that originally killed them. Also, the undead cheerleaders are hungry for human flesh, just in case you read the first sentence of this plot synopsis and thought well, he might as well have made a film about leaves changing colors. It sounds that damn boring.

These two clips reveal a surprising amount about the film, namely in the cheerleading and flesh-eating departments of the plot, and it looks like a pretty solid horror comedy. Be sure to try to check it out when it gets a limited theatrical release this June.

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