Crucified Barbara Speak To Assholes On New Track, “To Kill A Man”

crucified barbara - to kill a man

crucified barbara - to kill a man

Crucified Barbara is probably one of the best gritty hard rock outfit out there today. I might be a bit biased because I really dig their sound, but I think that anyone with an appreciation for that sleazy-sounding hard rock with mid-’70s punk and metal undercurrents will like this all-female Swedish outfit. They’re just tough, talented, and, considering they’ve been at it since 1998, tenacious.

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Sixteen years on, Crucified Barbara are getting ready to release their fourth studio album, In the Red, due out August 20th. Until then, I think we can expect some teasers in the form of music videos, single releases, and hopefully some mini-doc-style clips. To start that cycle off, the band has released the album’s first single, “To Kill a Man,” which is streaming exclusively over at Loudwire for now.

Go check it out and you’ll understand what I was saying about the band’s sound. But it’s so much more than just a sleazy, heavy song, as the band explains:

We and many of us feel a huge impotence and rage when we hear and read about men who systematically abuse and rape women. This type of crime is something that happens every day, everywhere. Of anger, we create music. Heavy substances and harsh riffs became the song ‘To Kill a Man,’ a really heavy song in a double sense.

In the Red will be CB’s first release with Despotz Records. The album, produced by Chips Kiesby and engineered by Henryk Lip, is currently having the finishing touches put on it.

We’ll keep you posted on all things Crucified Barbara until the album’s release. For now, rock out to “To Kill a Man,” repeatedly… then do it again.

Rock Hard \m/

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