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amnesia rockfest 2014

In our ever-so-humble opinion there is just a handful of reasons to go to Montreal in the summer. Really, who wants to put up with the pothole-ridden roads, the horrible drivers, or how unwelcoming the city is to tourists? But, that’s not selling you on one of the greatest reasons to visit… and you don’t even have to go to Montreal!

So, whether you live in New England, Ontario, or Quebec, and you’re a huge heavy metal or punk fan, you absolutely have to make it to Montebello, Quebec, for the ninth annual Amnesia Rockfest. It’s all going down on June 20th and 21st, the lineup of about 150 bands is killer, and the price is dirt cheap ($99.00 for the regular weekend pass OR for the $199 for VIP Weekend Pass, Front Stage Zone).

Order your tickets now! (

That’s value you just can’t beat!

Decide fast if you’re going to go, because lodging is filling up as we speak and there’s always a shortage of places to crash. If it weren’t for the most welcoming people on the planet, you might end up spending the night in jail. Actually, probably not. Montebello is pretty damn lenient with the influx of concert goers; the police basically just make sure everyone is safe, probably because if they started arresting people there wouldn’t be room in the holding cell.

But I digress.

This year’s Rockfest promises to be bigger and better than ever, and not because the top acts are top tier either. Logistics will play a huge part this year. For the first time ever, Amnesia Rockfest has signed an agreement with Festival d’été de Québec, whose sister company, 3E event-experience-emotion will help with the production and logistics for the ever-growing festival, replacing 2013’s team.

What’s more, Rockfest has partnered with Orkestra to help coordinate affairs outside the fest grounds. This means there will be a concerted effort regarding campgrounds, parking lots, bus shuttles, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the major changes this year:
-Bracelets sent by mail beforehand, with RFID technology (bracelet equipped with a chip)
-Extension and reconfiguration of the festival grounds
-Setting-up of two entrances, two exits and one entrance/exit for people on boats
-Significant improvements made to sanitary facilities (toilets, water, garbage cans, cleaning)
-Completely restructured camping area, with an enormous new central field just a few steps away from the marina
-Complete restructuring of the parking lot and the shuttle system
-Improved sound on the main stage and adding of LED screens
-Paid emerging artists who will open the various stages rather than being on a separate stage

For more information, such as the lineup, and other changes made to this year’s event, visit the official website.

Rock Hard \m/

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