How Big Of A KISS Fan Are You?

KISSTERIA - The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case

KISSTERIA - The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case

If you’ve been claiming to be a huge KISS fan, this is your chance to prove it! Only 1,000 KISS fans worldwide will be able to claim the Ultimate KISS Fan title because only 1,000 of these boxsets will be made. KISSTERIA – The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case outshines anything KISS has assembled in the past, even that 4-foot book.

I’ve never seen such an assemblage put together to celebrate a band’s 40th anniversary, much less any anniversary. It’s as extravagant as only KISS can do, and it’s all on vinyl. To save you the sticker shock after you get your panties wet from reading the details below, you better have some bank if you want this — it’s priced at $1,749.99 USD!

Below are the details as posted at: The pre-order link is there as well.

Rock Hard \m/

KISS only delivers the best and for their 40th anniversary Mercury Records and UMe are proud to present the greatest vinyl boxset in all the land, KISSTERIA – The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case!

Thirty-four LPs, featuring nineteen studio albums, five Alive releases and their four solo albums pressed onto audiophile 180g vinyl for the first time since as far back as 1985 for some titles. Also included are six exclusive vinyl albums (pictured left) not available via any other offering. With all audio newly remastered in ultra-high definition DSD (Direct Stream Digital), KISSTERIA – The Ultimate Vinyl Road Case offers a maximum fidelity treatment for each iconic album.

Additional bonus items include twelve 11”x17” archival posters including the band’s very first promo poster, KISS vinyl cleaning cloth, KISS turntable mat, KISS dominoes set, four band lithos highlighting four decades of the band and a certificate of authenticity proudly displaying the limited edition number of each boxset. Weighing nearly 50 pounds when fully assembled, 1,000 fans worldwide will be lucky enough to own this legendary vinyl boxset and prove to the millions of KISS followers all over the world who amongst them are the MEGA FANS.


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