5 Vs. 5 MMA Team Fight – Is This Insanity? [VIDEO]

Do you ever get the feeling that someone in this godforsaken world is trying to be the next Dana White and reinvent the combat-sport wheel? Every month, there seems to be a new idea floating around and I’m not buying into any of them because they all look ridiculous, barbaric, and mostly just dangerous.

A few weeks ago, a Brazilian promoter talked about Double Fighting, an event in which four fighters are pitted against one another inside one cage for two simultaneous fights. Now, it appears that someone else is trying to pull the same magic to make MMA even more extreme by having two teams of five men face each other inside one ring until a team is completely eliminated. It’s exactly like a street brawl but with referees in place to keep things more legit, I guess. It’s called Team Fighting Championship (TFC) , it’s real, and the first event already took place.

You can watch Team Poland square off against Team Sweden in the video clip right above. Insanity or what?

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