Is A G’N’R Reunion In The Works?

gnr duff and axl

All would be right in the universe if an actual Guns N’ Roses reunion did happen, even if the same old shit of Axl showing up late, if at all, would inevitably go down. That’s just the nature of this beast.

While a full-fledged reunion is likely a long way off, if ever, considering the rift between Slash and Axl, there are rumors and speculations circulating the Internet with mounting evidence that former bassist Duff McKagan is at least on board for a limited tour run with the band (i.e., Axl). In fact, since 2010, McKagan has appeared with G’N’R on stage several times. The first time it happened it was just for a couple songs on October 14, 2010, in London. The following year, when Duff McKagan’s Loaded was the opening act for G’N’R, Duff made the odd appearance on stage with the band. Now, a Buenos Aires radio station is reporting that Duff is expected to be on stage with G’N’R on April 6th, at Ferro Stadium.

Perhaps the most indicting evidence is the March 31st Tweet Duff made. It reveals the G’N’R set list for upcoming shows in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, plus Duff says, “See y’all in a few weeks.”

duff mckagen tweet full

Would you be interested in seeing a partial Guns reunion? Let us know below.

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