Mike Tyson Fights With Street Fighter Sound Effects [VIDEO]

Here’s some hilarity for your week. Some ingenious person put some of Mike Tyson‘s most brutal moments from the earlier portion of his career to the sound effects from the Street Fighter II video game. Notably, the music is Balrog’s (M. Bison in Japan) training theme. The parallel there is secondary to the smacking sounds of punches landing and the swooshing sounds of punches hitting air.

No doubt you will bust a gut, especially if you like fighting and/or smashing controller buttons.

It’s a shame that so many people have forgotten, or never knew, what a devastating fighter Tyson was in his prime. All of that greatness went to hell when Tyson’s problematic personal life started to emerge, namely his marriage to actress Robin Givens and the allegations of spousal abuse and then the conviction for raping 18-year-old Desiree Washington, and then, of course, the Holyfield ear-biting incident, just to name a few.

Fact is, however, that as a fighter he was unstoppable, and if he hit you, well it was lights out. I’ll go on a limb here and say that if MMA and Tyson’s prime coincided, and he entered the sport, he would have dominated it too. I mean, his first 19 professional fights were won by knockout, and 12 of them were won in the first round.

Rock Hard \m/

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