The Walking Dead, Season 4 – “Us”

the walking dead season 4 - glenn and tara in tunnel

the walking dead, season 4 - eugene, ford, rosita

It can’t really be said that “Us” was an exciting episode, other than seeing ol’ mullethead show off his superior knowledge of how to make batteries and gush “I have to say you are seriously hot, Tara.” Yeah, pickin’s are slim, but your mullet isn’t going to turn a lesbian straight… even if you could pass for a butchy lesbo.

The main purpose of this episode of The Walking Dead is to set up the Season Finale next week. The set-up requires three elements: our tribe to regroup; the marauders to catch up to Rick, Michonne, and Carl; and for it all to come to a head at the terminus.

Reuniting Glenn and Maggie

the walking dead, season 4 - glenn and tara in tunnel
The majority of this episode focused on Glenn seeing a sign from Maggie and his bolting with reckless abandon toward her with Sgt. Abraham Ford, Dr. Eugene Porter, Rosita Espinosa, and Tara in tow. When Glenn’s path leads him to a long, dark tunnel, Ford decides that this is where the two groups will separate because he can’t ensure Eugene’s safety… and Eugene has to get to D.C. to save the world.

So, Glenn and Tara enter the tunnel, find a message from Maggie in fresh blood, and encounter a bunch of Walkers. In a surprise turn, only because Eugene seems like self-aggrandized egomaniac, he leads Rosita and a sleeping Ford to the other end of the tunnel to pick up Glenn and Tara. But what they find instead is Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Supposing Ford & co. tell Maggie what’s going on, they all drive into the tunnel and not a moment too soon since Tara has trapped her foot and Glenn has just unloaded his weapon on the advancing Walkers.

the walking dead, season 4 - glenn and maggie reunited

Did anyone else think it was retarded that Maggie burned the only picture Glenn has of her?

So now, everyone in this little group has agreed to make it to terminus before some members set out for D.C. That’s if… anyone can escape the terminus.

We’re Off To See the Wizard

the walking dead, season 4 - rick, michonne, carl
OK, just to mention it because they showed it, but Rick, Michonne, and Carl are making their way to the terminus like they’re in The Wizard of Oz — happily and without a care in the world. Rick beams with pride and joy at seeing his son being happy and a kid for a change.

But, as we learn, they’re in a bit of danger for having killed one of the marauders.

Claiming Daryl

the walking dead, season 4 - daryl, joe, len
Clearly Joe and the rest of the marauders aren’t the ones who took Beth, so what the hell is Daryl waiting for? Why didn’t he skin out when everyone was asleep, as Len suspected, to go find her? If you ask me, Daryl is settling into this new group a little too easily, as he learns their ways and “laws.” At least we fully understand the title of the “Claimed” episode.

You know, for a small group of violent assholes, their rules, don’t lie and claim your shit, make a lot of sense.

While Daryl and Joe and the others are on the train tracks they come across a sign for the terminus and Daryl asks Joe if he’s seen it before. It’s here that we learn that they’re on Rick’s trail. It’s not crystal clear to Daryl that it’s Rick, but I think he suspects and he certainly doesn’t like the idea of tracking someone for revenge. Thankfully he hasn’t completely embraced his new clan’s way of life.

Finding Terminus

As we saw, Maggie, Glenn, Ford and the rest made it to the terminus and met Mary. If you ask me it looks like Mary is ready to serve them some Kool-Aid. This idea was emphasized in the scenes of the finale at the end of the episode, especially with that haunting voice talking about the terminus.

So, what do you think is going to happen in the finale? Is the terminus a big trap? Will the marauders and our band of merry men team up against the terminus? How many terminus folk are there? Gah, the suspense!

Rock Hard \m/

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