Cradle Of Filth Unearths “Unbridled At Dusk”

cradle of filth - total fucking darkness

cradle of filth - total fucking darkness

“Unbridled at Dusk” is dark, eerie, powerful, and wholly evil. It’s a remastered demo from 1992 that will be included in Cradle of Filth’s latest project Total Fucking Darkness, which brings old and new to fans as Dani Filth, Paul Ryan (former guitarist), and Frater Nihil (Cacophonous Records founder) have dug through the vaults. Total Fucking Darkness will be released as a double gatefold LP and as a digipak CD this spring.

Listen to “Unbridled at Dusk” at:

Cradle of Filth - Total Fucking DarknessDani Filth had the following to say about “Unbridled at Dusk”:

This song was written in the encroaching autumn of 1992, and was the executioner’s block upon which we built the demo that started our career. Everything about this song is deep, dark, and unbridled, a maxim that has steered the Cradle through 22 years of uncharted waters to the band we are today. And the raucous noise we make!

The track, upon its opening and again at its closing, brings you into a world of horror with the effects used to create an eerie and sinister atmosphere. The vocals, while not uncommon in a Cradle song, are truly satanic sounding, from the deep growl to the witch’s cries. Two things that stand out for me are the guitar riffage throughout (their melodies are powerful and inspired) and the drumming as the song swoops uptempo three-quarters of the way through. Fantastic stuff. I believe you’ll hear a lot of early Black Sabbath finding its way into “Unbridled at Dusk.”

For additional info and more details on the special formats of Total Fucking Darkness, see our previous post about it.

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