Brand New Metallica Song: “The Lords Of Summer” [VIDEO]

Metallica has just released a new song, “The Lords of Summer.” What is my grade on this one? A-fuckin’-plus! This song had me thinking Kill ‘Em All with a taste of Master of Puppets the entire time. Once the riff kicks in, you’re like, “damn, they can still thrash?” Well, yes, yes they can still thrash, even after more than 30 years.

As I’ve been listening to “The Lords of Summer,” I’ve been reading through pages on Facebook and noticed a lot of negativity about Metallica. Specifically, I’ve come across comments by people who seem shocked that Metallica is still playing and people can’t get over the fact that the band members aren’t behaving like 20-somethings and getting drunk after each show. News flash, people! No band that’s been around for 30 years sounds like they did in the beginning, just so you understand. Just because you hate everything Metallica has done after Cliff Burton passed away, doesn’t mean you can’t respect them as artists. They’re going to keep writing metal for as long as they feel fit.

So, to bring this back to a good note, Metallica teased us a couple months ago about returning to the studio to record another album. They apparently already have material, which is evident in this new song, and that’s a good thing.

What is your opinion on this matter? Are you the person who says that Metallica sucks without having a solid argument? Or are you the diehard Metalli-fan who will listen to them no matter what? I want your point of view on this song. With that being said, enjoy “The Lords of Summer” and your trip back to 1983.

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