Under The Dome: Season 2 Teaser [VIDEO]

CBS’ Under the Dome returns in June for its second season, and the teasers are already underway. If you’re a fan of the series based on the Stephen King novel, then you’re going to want to watch the preview teaser in the player above.

True, the preview doesn’t offer any scenes from the upcoming season, but it does feature executive producers Brian K. Vaughn and Neal Baer talking about the season and promising that nobody’s safety. In fact, two favorite characters are promised to meet their demise in the season’s premiere. Plus, they make it clear that Stephen King himself gave them ideas and directions to go in that aren’t in the book. So, if you were in the Season 1 camp that was a little irked because the show deviated from the book, expect more disappointment.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season of Under the Dome?

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