Four Fighters Inside One Cage, Is This The Future Of MMA? [VIDEO]


Two men fighting inside a cage just isn’t entertaining enough for Brazil anymore. A promoter there now feels that it’s necessary to add two more guys into the mix. The format is called Double Fighting and puts four fighters inside one cage for two simultaneous fights. Picture Royal Rumble without all the fake drama, and a little less chaos since only two fights take place at the same time. Obviously, no tag teams are allowed by my understanding.

The rules are still mysterious, but Double Fighting’s CEO Carlos Nacli sounds confident that it’s going to be successful:

Ever since I came up with this idea, some people always asked ‘is this like pro wrestling? I did several studies and saw that nobody ever did something like this in MMA. I wanted to create something unique and new, bring something better to MMA. Two fighters facing two fighters, it’s entertaining. That’s what the fans want to watch.

Apparently, the first official bout already went down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the video is expected to be released very soon, according to MMA Fighting, who recently had a chance to talk Nacli about this new format:

For this first fight, I invited some people from the MMA community to see what it was like. The atmosphere and their reaction to it was unanimous. Maybe the fan who watches this video won’t be as impressed as the ones that watched it live, but I guarantee you will change your mind. Double Fighting brings new possibilities.

Once this video lands online, we’ll be sure to introduce it here on Yell! Magazine. So stay tuned for more on Double Fighting.

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