MMA: Submission By Fart, Then Vomit [Video]


What do you consider the ultimate submission move in mixed martial arts? Is it the armbar? Arm triangle? Pace choke? Perhaps it’s the one men train for all their lives, the “flatulent choke”?

It’s that exact move that was used at the recent NAGA Grappling Championships in Las Vegas. If you watch the above video carefully, you’ll see Travis Newaza vomit, that’s right, puke his guts out after submitting to the flatulent choke. I don’t care what the guy blames his puke on, he’s not going to convince me that he didn’t eat Taco Bell on the way to the match.

There you have it, today we’ve given you two weird MMA-related videos: this one, and the one presented by King Hazard about two redneck douchebags trying to MMA fight — with sticks.

Rock Hard \m/

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