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Artist Deathpoint Album Sinister Year Released: 1 October 2013
Label Spread The Metal Records Genre Groove Metal | Melodic Death Metal |

Deathpoint’s formation, DIY mentality, and energy is as blue collar as their Hamilton, Ontario breeding grounds. Born in the basement of Brad Gold’s childhood home, Deathpoint released their sophomore album, Sinister, in October 2013, and with it they’re proving that they are an aggressive force to be reckoned with. Clearly, the band has honed their sound since their debut release, Fixation (2010), and have their sights fixed on the big stage. Yes, despite a hunger to spread their metal with a nose-to-the-grindstone touring ethic, which has resulted in countless club performances, this band has a big sound that would be quite at home on a big festival stage.

Deathpoint Promo  Brad Gold – Bass Tom Emmans – Vocals Tim Ross – Guitars – Photo Credit Anna Sklavos

It is 100% refreshing, as I’ve said before, to have a new band delivering clean vocals that don’t sound like Blink 182 and metal growls that aren’t of the hipster metalcore ilk. Deathpoint is an authentic metal band with an authentic and proven metal sound. Proven because their sound is as familiar as the bands that these guys obviously are inspired by, and it’s a crazy mix that gels like a vodka-spiked Jell-O shot.

deathpoint - sinister coverThe album opens with “For Your Eyes Only,” which has vocal qualities similar to James Maynard, and “Between the Lines,” an extremely punchy and bouncy number with an infectious groove and melodic death qualities. Still, the album gets much heavier.

Some blast beats later, after the Killswitch Engage-ish “Sinister” and the pounding Slipknot-like “Sick Sick Sick,” the album has moved in a decidedly heavy direction. After “Remission” comes my personal favorite track on Sinister, which is “Entitled to Nothing.” It’s just a ripping and heavy song with a great vocal flow from Tom Emmans.

The final three tracks touch on everything else that the album has covered, with the addition of some neat intros to add an extra element.

Deathpoint is:

Brad Gold – Bass
Tom Emmans – Vocals
Tim Ross – Guitars

Deathpoint – Sinister Track list:

*Stand-out Tracks
1. For Your Eyes Only
2. Between The Lines*
3. Sinister
4. Sick, Sick, Sick*
5. Remission
6. Entitled To Nothing*
7. Condemned To Suffer*
8. Lost Haven
9. Thirty Stitches

The Verdict:

Sinister is a solid effort and worth your time if you dig KSE, Slipknot, Soilwork, or Tool, among others. I don’t think your heavy metal life will be incomplete without hearing it, but it may be enhanced. If you’re looking for something new with a drive to get you motivated in the gym or to get out of bed, then you should check out Deathpoint’s Sinister.

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