The Walking Dead, Season 4 – “Still”

daryl - the walking dead - still

Not quite as exciting or action-filled as last week’s episode, “Claimed,” but was this week’s “Still” as interesting?

I don’t think it was. While I’m extremely happy that Daryl and Beth (mostly Daryl) got sufficient screen time, I don’t think they needed an entire episode dedicated to Beth’s quest to have a “real drink.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m a little sick of The Walking Dead stringing us along like a couple of Michonne’s Walker slaves with these boring episodes of “character development.”

What makes it worse is that nothing new about these characters was revealed.

The episode started out with a lot of potential, with the two of them hiding in the trunk of a car while a horde passed them by. Unfortunately, that’s where the action basically stopped… or anything interesting for that matter.

Yay! So Daryl feels guilty about giving up his search for the Governor and consequently feels responsible for the prison invasion and the death of Hershel. Yay! Beth is going through some changes and growing up and feeling sad about the loss of her father and family. Yay! The two of them feel alone together and burned down Daryl’s demons. I think half an episode tops would have been sufficient to tell that story.

Seriously, what a boring ass episode. They didn’t even give us a cliffhanger for next week. Of course, I would have complained about that as well.

Was I the only one who wanted Beth’s desire to have a drink coincide with her turning 18 (I’m not really sure how old she’s supposed to be, but the actress who plays her, Emily Kinney, is 28)? Why 18? Because even in a post-apocalyptic world when you could die at any given moment and an older man is on the run with a younger girl they’re still bound by conservative societal restrictions — meaning that she’d have to be 18 in order for her to kiss Daryl. Yup, I was hoping that the two would kiss by the light of the moonshine. Am I alone?

If the two had kissed, at least there would have been something juicy going on for when Daryl and Carol are finally reunited at the sanctuary, because we know that’s going to happen.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on a craptastic episode. What did you guys think?

Rock Hard \m/

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