How Do “You” Remove Tattoos?

choppers bitch

choppers bitch

There are two ways to remove a tattoo: the right way and the wrong way. Arguably, tattoos shouldn’t be removed. However, if you find yourself in a predicament in which you’re unhappy with a tattoo or have outgrown its significance… or you get a lover’s name scrawled somewhere on your body, my vote is for a cover-up.

What you don’t do is cut it off with a scalpel, which is what 26-year-old Torz Reynolds did. See the graphic images below.

Reynolds is a body piercer in London, England, and she performed the surgery on herself when she found out that her recent ex-boyfriend, nicknamed “Chopper,” had moved in with another girl. For that alone, her actions might seem extreme, but factor in the fact that he lied about landing a job in Alaska, a lie so elaborate that the even bid a heartfelt farewell at the airport. Still think her actions were over-the-top? Yeah, we think she’s bat-shit crazy too. Oh, did we forget to mention that she also mailed her flesh to her ex-boyfriend? Yup, she did that too.

choppers bitch scar

It took Reynolds an hour and a half to perform the procedure, using the scalpel to cut the swatch of flesh and tweezers to peel the skin back. Yes, and “Choppers Bitch” (that’s the text she had on her forearm declaring her ownership to her boyfriend) didn’t even use an anesthetic, just a bottle of Vasocaine numbing spray, according to the

choppers bitch mail

choppers bitch text

So, if you’re ever the one being “honored” by having your name tattooed onto a lover, run… run like hell and don’t look back!

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