Rabid Love – It Looks Like Mossy Love [TRAILER]

Midnight Releasing is at it again with another B-movie filled with blood, scantily clad girls, and bad acting… but that’s their thing and their charm. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. This time around it looks like it could be a lot of fun.rabid love box

What we have here is the trailer to Rabid Love, a slasher and what looks be a mossy man in a suit, which might classify the film as a creature feature too.

The movie was written and directed by Paul J. Porter and stars Jessica Sonneborn (Bloody Bloody Bible Camp), Hayley Derryberry, Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers 2), and Brandon Stacy. Looking at the trailer, it seems that some inspiration was drawn from Texas Chainsaw Massacre or maybe some Friday the 13th, but certainly from USA’s Up All Night!

Look for Rabid Love on DVD and VOD March 4, 2014.

Rabid Love Synopsis:

In Rabid Love, a stereotypical weekend camping trip gets bloody when a stranger insinuates his way into the group and people start showing up dead. Is it a large wild animal? A blood-thirsty psychopath? Or maybe a mad scientist’s super rabies virus infecting the friends one by one? Viewers will just have to find out for themselves by watching this unique slasher, stylishly made in homage to the ’80s slashers that raised a generation of horror fans.

rabid love bloody girl

rabid love friends
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