Dave Mustaine Didn’t Say “No More Big 4”

dave mustaine

dave mustaine

In not so many words, back in November, Slayer’s Tom Araya implied that it was because of Dave Mustaine that there wouldn’t be any future Big 4 shows. Specifically, he said that “It’s not the politics between bands; it’s the politics of character in one particular band.”

Well, Dave Mustaine has finally responded to that implication in a podcast with MetalSucks:

I didn’t say that [no more ‘Big Four’ shows were ever going to happen again]. I said that I’m not the one to ask. I love Tom. I think that all the hardship that we’ve had has been really sad, because, again, the media and stuff like that sometimes…

People back in the day would try and propagandize everything I would say or put this inflammatory twist on whatever. There were things I did and said that caused some problems between Tom and I, and we worked it out.

So, man, I have no problem with him or Anthrax or Metallica, so I don’t know where that came from. It could be some really old stuff that got regurgitated again. But, you know, I buried the hatchet a long time ago with those guys.

Although the podcast was released on January 6th, the hosts state at the top that they had saved the Dave Mustaine interview for a month, which means that Tom’s statement was a fresher than it is today. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that Megadeth or Dave Mustaine were late for a show or that something happened to get them/him heated or whatever, but I believe that those were “worked out” as Mustaine said. You know, it’s more likely that the concept of the Big 4 has simply run its course. Seriously, how long could these bands keep it up before it became cliche. Fans wanted it, they did it, done. Why does there have to be a dramatic reason for its demise?

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