Amityville (2015) – New Release Date Set For Film

Amityville (2015)

Like it or not, it sounds like The Amityville Horror franchise is getting another sequel or reboot made for 2015. That’s right! It has already been 10 years since the last one starring Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, and Jimmy Bennett. However, the new Amityville, now slated for January 2, 2015, will feature found footage that showcases events after the original novel of the same name and 1979 film, from my understanding.

Dimension Films and Blumhouse Productions are partners on the Amityville horror project that will be written and directed by Casey La Scala and Daniel Farrands.

According to reports, Amityville is the first major release of 2015. As soon as the cast is confirmed, we’ll drop news on who will star in the film right here on Yell! Magazine.

Amityville (2015)…

Showcases the events after the time of the original The Amityville Horror book and movie through found-footage dating back to 1976. An ambitious female television news intern, on the verge of breaking the most famous haunted house case in the world, leads a team of journalists, clergymen and paranormal researchers into an investigation of the bizarre events that will come to be known as The Amityville Horror … only to unwittingly open a door to the unreal that she may never be able to close.

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