Vista Chino – “Sweet Remain”

I could be way off here, but “Sweet Remain” from Vista Chino (formerly Kyuss) sounds a helluva lot like Queens of the Stone Age. There’s good reason for this though: Kyuss, at least in part, influenced Queens — especially since Josh Homme was Kyuss’ founding guitarist.

If Kyuss is credited with starting the Stoner/Desert Rock genre, Queens of the Stone Age are responsible for popularizing it. Some might say that this genre is cresting right now, which makes it perfect timing for Vista Chino, but, in my opinion, the genre crested a few years ago, which in an odd twist of fate makes Vista Chino late to their own party.

“Sweet Remain” from Vista Chino can be found on their debut album Peace. Vista Chino is: Brant Bjork, John Garcia, and Bruno Fevery.

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Vista Chino – Peace – Track Listing:

01. Good Morning Wasteland
02. Dargona Dragona
03. Sweet Remain
04. As You Wish
05. Planets 1 & 2
06. Adara
07. Mas Vino
08. Dark and Lovely
09. Barcelonian
10. Acidize – The Gambling Moose

Rock Hard \m/

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