Eaten Alive! (1980): Yell! Magazine’s Classics of Exploitation Series



Directed by Umberto Lenzi Written by Umberto Lenzi
Starring Robert Kerman, Janet Agren, Ivan Rassimov

92 mins - Adventure | Horror | - Release date: 20 March 1980 (Italy)

Yell! Review:

Eaten Alive! was Umberto Lenzi’s second foray into cannibal movies. His first, which started the sub-genre, was Il Paese del Sesso Selvaggio, Man from Deep River) (1973]. Lenzi decided to not only show the usual murder, rape, animal dismemberment, and gore that these films became famous for, but he decided that having his victims alive and conscience while they are being devoured would add to the horror. He was right as Eaten Alive! will turn your stomach.

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