RoboCop (2014) – International Trailer #4 Is Family Friendly

If the previous trailer showed the lengths at which a corporation will go to make money, this one, the fourth international trailer, shows human side as Alex Murphy awakes from his life-changing slumber. If I remember correctly, the Paul Verhoeven movie spent all but a blink-of-an-eye on Murphy’s remorse for his family (aside from the visit he pays). If this latest trailer for the José Padilha take on RoboCop is any indication, family does play a stronger role in the film, and Murphy is far less accepting of the his new body.

What the trailers have shown us so far is the origin story for a superhero, and RoboCop is anything but a superhero… that was never the point of this character. While not strictly by definition, because Murphy is a good guy, but RoboCop is supposed to be an antihero. Padilha has created a sterile, A-lister stuffed action movie — if RoboCop could fly, this would be Iron Man.

I know that here at Yell! Magazine, Kind Hazard hates where Padilha has taken RoboCop, but I have a feeling that the story might be better developed. What I think it might lack is rawness of the characters, and certainly the gritty and violent nature that quite literally shocked audiences back in the ’80s.

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