Job For A Cowboy’s Nick Schendzielos Releases “1000s Funking Dead Bass Shenanigans”

Bringing together the worlds of James Cameron’s Terminator and Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead, as well as pop culture and terrorism, Job for a Cowboy‘s Nick Schendzielos has released a new bass video on his YouTube channel, Bassfordays.

The video for “Ol Dirty Wizard-1000’s Funking Dead Bass Shenanigans” features zombies; pop culture icons and their vocal samples (James Brown, Michael Jackson, David Lee Roth, Fred Durst, and Prince); masks from HyperFlesh’s Landon Meier (who’s Walter White mask made huge waves at Comic-Con when Bryan Cranston wore the mask); and Nick as a cyborg, bass-playing Osama bin Laden. Musically, the track includes a sample from Terminator, but the primary bass line in the first half of the track is clearly inspired by The Walking Dead.

“Ol Dirty Wizard-1000’s Funking Dead Bass Shenanigans” is just fun to watch and hear, but it also makes a statement, pointing a subtle finger at Halliburton. And in addition to possibly saying that bin Laden’s followers were mindless zombies, I have to think that the video also says that we are mindless zombies as well, easily distracted by the media and celebrities.

Schendzielos commented:

I’m extremely brammed to release this latest video. Working with Matthew Zinke and Landon Meier has really brought this whole video thing to another level creatively for me. The visual imagery is astonishing and I can’t wait for folks to see what we have in store. Some seriously amazing guest musicians are going to featured in the next installments… maybe even the top guitarist in metal? Stay tuned!

Rock Hard \m/

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