RoboCop (2014) – Does It Look Better In The Second Trailer?

The second official trailer for José Padilha‘s take on the new RoboCop has arrived, and I’m still not feeling positive vibes about the film. Does that mean I’m robophobic?

No, because I still see some potential here with the new direction of the film. RoboCop is suppose to be more human than just a brain and face attached to a robotic body. This idea is here, you see it in the way Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) interacts with people and in his movement, unlike the original RoboCop. But it’s just not coming out great in the trailers, in my opinion. There’s too much focus on his actions, and that’s the reason why we are seeing explosion after explosion.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the film actually turns out differently than the trailers, so I’ll most likely watch it just to prove myself wrong. If not, I lost another two hours of my life, and it’s nothing new coming from a remake.

RoboCop hits U.S. theaters on February 14, 2014.

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