Is There A Plan To Reboot Sleepaway Camp?

Sleepaway Camp Reboot

Get down and celebrate like the nerds above from the original Sleepaway Camp because word on the street is that there are plans to reboot the legendary horror classic. I shit you not! So grab your shorts and get ready for another summer massacre in the near future.

Deadline reported the “not so shocking news” since there’s already a surge in horror remakes as of late with Carrie dropping in theaters last month. Although, some remakes are flops and others are modest hits, like the Evil Dead remake, directed by Fede Alvarez, it sounds like ex-Fox/New Line exec Jeff Katz is taking a chance to revive the Sleepaway Camp franchise with plans to make it appealing for a new generation. What we know is that the rights of Sleepaway Camp have been acquired from the original makers and rights holders. In addition, Katz will produce the reboot alongside Robert Hiltzik, Michele Tatosian, and Felissa Rose (who starred as Angela in the original).

Lastly, for those who want to experience the classic like never before, Scream Factory announced on Halloween that the original Sleepaway Camp will be released in glorious HD on Blu-ray some time in 2014. So keep an eye open for that!

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