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Finding a category for Cradle of Filth is an impossible task, since they wear their varied influences on their sleeves and blend them into something unique and entirely their own. Perhaps the slightly generic “Extreme Metal” is the best genre to put them in, which is probably also the most easily understood to those who stand outside our Heavy Metal ways looking in. In actuality, Cradle incorporates elements of Black Metal, NWOBHM, Symphonic Metal, Death Metal, and more, making it one wicked ride.

And the wickedness doesn’t stop with the music. As this live 2005 performance captured on the Peace Through Superior Firepower DVD demonstrates, Cradle of Filth is a very theatrical band that leaves it all on the stage. Parts of this show features little devils, demons, gargoyles, ghouls, or whatever they are, prowling the stage, an acrobatic witch of some sort during “The Black Goddess Rises,” Satanic imagery, a huge 20-foot puppet, some spark grinding, and more. Plus, for this style of music, Dani Filth has incredible vocal range, and the riffs are nothing short of amazing.

As awesome as this show is, one of the coolest aspects of it is its name, Peace Through Superior Firepower, which is from the film Aliens.

Cradle of Filth released their first album back in 1994, and they’re definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. It’s never too late to find something old and make new for you. Lyrically, some of the themes addressed by Cradle are often of a serious nature — it’s not just about evil things. The combination of powerful vocals, sweet ass music, and often haunting lyrics make Cradle of Filth prime party music for a Halloween party — just sayin’.

Cradle Of Filth: Peace Through Superior Firepower – set list:

1. “Satyriasis” (Live) 2:05
2. “Gilded Cunt” (Live) 3:51
3. “Nemesis” (Live) 8:06
4. “Mannequin” (Live) 4:14
5. “The Black Goddess Rises” (Live) 6:37
6. “A Gothic Romance” (Live) 7:51
7. “Her Ghost in the Fog” (Live) 5:46
8. “Nymphetamine (Fix)” (Live) 5:04
9. “Tortured Soul Asylum” (Live) 7:49
10. “The Forest Whispers My Name” (Live) 5:24
11. “A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon” (Live) 1:58
12. “The Promise of Fever” (Live) 6:14
13. “Thirteen Autumns and a Widow” (Live) 7:18
14. “Mother of Abominations” (Live) 9:23
15. “Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Pallete” (Live) 1:30
16. “From the Cradle to Enslave” (Live)

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