31 Days of Scares – Day 9 – 5 Kickass Single Costumes

Running around like a headless chicken on Halloween day for a costume is a bad idea. First, it’s annoying because the lineups are huge since countless other people didn’t plan anything ahead of time either. Second, you most likely don’t know what to get because you suck in the disguise department. Most of us are usually stuck in both situations every year, including myself, so I put together a list of 5 kickass single costumes that should turn heads when you show up to the party to end all Halloween 2013 parties, or even help you get digits throughout the night.

If you’re going as a duo, then check out some of our ideas for 5 kickass double costumes, courtesy of Evil Argento.

Get ready to scare this Halloween!

No.5 Luz

Machete Kills (2013)
For the ladies, Machete Kills drops in theaters on Friday, so dressing up like Michelle Rodriguez’ character, Luz, will make you look like you’re in the moment since the film just got released. Slutty Halloween costumes are in every year, but if you’re looking for one with attitude and don’t want to give the impression that you’ll sleep with anyone, then this should be your first choice. We promise, you will come off as a sexy bitch with a big gun, making guys think twice before they say something to you.

Looking for the leather bra? You can pick it up for $26 on Ebay. You can find the other pieces easily at your local costume store. Give it a try!

Michelle Rodriguez

No.4 Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead Season 4

For the guys, Daryl Dixon, the younger brother of redneck hillbilly Merle Dixon, made his first appearance in Episode 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Daryl continues to be a favorite character in the series since he’s an expert at hunting, tracking, and navigating. His skills make him an important asset for the safety and survival of the tribe against the walkers. Therefore, we honor Daryl Dixon on our list of kickass costumes because his style is also awesome. We can’t wait to see this zombie hunter return in Season 4 this Sunday.

Just pick up a plastic crossbow and an outlaw vest. You’re ready to rock!

Daryl Nixon

No.3 Mary Mason

American Mary (2012)

For the ladies who don’t plan on dressing up like a sleazy slut this Halloween, then look no further than Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) from American Mary, directed by the Twisted Twins. It’s simple, just pick up a cheap white blouse, black leather apron, a surgical mask, and add a few bloody accessories of your choice for the final touch.

This should keep all the douche bags away from you, unless they’re looking for a messy body modification. Play it safe this Halloween without showing too much cleavage, but look cool like Mary!

American Marry (2012)

No.2 Max Rockatansky

Mad Max: Fury Road (2014)

Although there hasn’t been any news as of late for Mad Max: Fury Road, it’s rumored the release date has been pushed back to 2015 due to shooting delays, it hasn’t stopped us from listing Max Rockatansky as a top costume idea for the guys this year. You’ll be ahead of the curve with this one.

If Tom Hardy can pull off the modern look of Max, previously played by Mel Gibson, then so can you with a bit more budget of course. This one requires attention to detail because there’s a lot of pieces to assemble. I can’t even list them for you since I’m not an expert, but you can at least use the picture below for reference. Unfortunately, that’s really the only and the best one. If you pull it together, we guarantee you’ll be a success with the ladies at the party and also catch a few people by surprise. Be prepared to explain yourself since nobody will know who you are, but does it really matter when you look this good?

Want the vintage Mad Max look? Then follow this tutorial.

Mad Max: Fury Road

No.1 Heidi Hawthorne

The Lords of Salem (2012)

The cream of the crop for costume ideas this Halloween is none other than a possessed Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie) from Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem. I already did most of the homework for you by finding a cheap fluffy jumper for $39 that you can reuse daily since it’s fashionable too. For the hair, just refrain yourself from brushing, combing or cutting in the next three weeks and it should do the job. Or even easier, buy the dreads if you want to keep your hair intact. Lastly, pick up some black & white makeup from your local store and cover your face up like Heidi.

It can’t get any easier than that.

Heidi Hawthorne

31 Days of Scares

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