31 Days Of Scares – Day 8 – 5 Kickass Doubles Costumes



Well, folks, the time has come for you to decide on a costume for the big day, October 31st, aka, Hallow-fuckin’-ween. We know it can be daunting enough to decide what to fashion yourself after when it’s just you, so imagine the Herculean task it is when it’s you and another person going as a double costume. The decision process is on par with a teenage girl deciding which prom dress to wear (that’s a hint, ahem), and it could end up in pools of blood as one person bludgeons his/her desires into the other with a baseball bat. And if your partner/friend is imposing the idea of going as Raggedy Ann & Andy for your doubles costume, I certainly hope that you’re imposing your idea of a Bloody Raggedy Ann & Andy with your grandfather’s old sickle.

No.5 Trevor, Franklin, and Michael from GTA V

OK, so this requires one more person, which is great if you’ve got a third wheel. If you don’t have a third, you still have options for this Halloween doubles costume: dress up a dummy to look like the missing character and attach him to someone in your party… or just go without him. Obviously, Trevor is the most fun character to dress up as, and this emotionally unhinged Canadian is pretty much required for anyone to understand your timely gaming aficionado. Since the other two characters are so pedestrian looking, weapons may be required to complete these costumes. Of course, what I’ve just said supposes your doubles costumes will portray the characters straight. A much better option would be to go as their masked alter-egos (seen at the top).
gta v michael franklin trevor

No.4 Batman/Superman

Yes, Batman and Superman costumes are usually reserved for kids — or super dorks who spend the majority of their time in comic book stores. But this year, given the news about Ben Affleck portraying the Dark Knight in the recently announced Superman vs. Batman movie, the unlikely allies are fair game for kids and adults who want a mainstream doubles costume this Halloween.

No.3 Michonne and a Slave Zombie

This might be the most original idea at whatever Halloween party you’re going to, but it’s far from an original idea. It is, however, rad as hell. We saw this done at our recent venture to the Montreal Comiccon, and as soon as we saw it, we knew it was going on this list of doubles costumes. In my opinion, while zombie costumes can be awesome, they are a dime-a-dozen and played-out. So, this is an awesome way to be a zombie, or Walker if you prefer. If you’re gonna do this one, you better hope the first three episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 4 don’t suck balls.

By the way, the new season gets underway this Sunday, October, 13.

Michonne the walking dead

No.2 Carrie and her Prom Date/Mother

I realize that the header here is misleading. So to clear up any confusion, no, Carrie’s prom date is not her mother. I’m actually proposing two options here. The first, and more fun, is a blood-soaked Carrie and her prom date. The second is slightly less fun, but it still would require a blood-soaked Carrie for anyone to get it. Her mother, played by Julianne Moore, is distinctive enough to make a costume out of, but you might want to wield a cross and repeatedly say, “go to your closet and pray” throughout the night.

carrie bloody-2

By the way, again, Carrie opens on October 18th.

carrie prom date

No.1 Silent Hill Nurses

This one should have been on our list last year, but guess what? We didn’t do such a list last year. However, those horrifically erotic nurses from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D still haunt our wet dreams… err, nightmares. So many mindless bimbos dress up as slutty nurses, which is fine, but we know our readers take things to the next level, and being a sexy nurse from Silent Hill is miles above and beyond… and it’s scary, which is three-quarters of the fun during Halloween. I’m guessing getting the face right will be the hardest part of putting this doubles costume together, but I’m confident you can do it.

silent hill nurses

Rock Hard \m/

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