31 Days of Scares – Day 3 – My Lil Belial Custom Creature Pillow

Basket Case - My lil belial pillow

A few years ago, I carried my mutant girlfriend around in a basket, a relationship that would inspire the plot of the film Basket Case. I miss her every day, along with the family and friends that she senselessly mutilated.

Luckily, HorrorDecor.net has fashioned a pillow based on the little, cannibal dough beast from Basket Case, and it will be available online starting today, at 10:30 a.m. The pillow is 12” x 12”, so it’s the perfect, awful size.

Here’s the catch: like most genetic abominations, there’s only a few of them — 25 in the case of this pillow. That means you have to get on this fast. It doesn’t come with a basket, but if you don’t want to live out your life in this lonely, No-Belial-from-Basket-Case-pillow purgatory, you’ll nab one of these while you can.

Basket Case

“My arms hold nothing but the winds of misery…,” you’ll say.

“Haha,” 25 people will reply, clutching their Basket Case pillows lovingly.

Don’t suck. Get on this.

Source: Strange Kids Club

31 Days of Scares

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