TUF 18: Tim Gorman Challenges Bryan Caraway – “Your Girlfriend Is On The Line”

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs Team Tate

You may not know his name because he isn’t fighting in the UFC yet, but you might recognize him if you’ve watched the first two episodes of The Ultimate Fighter – Season 18. His name is Tim Gorman (9-2), aka, “The Psycho.” Some, such as UFC President Dana White, call him the “Lunatic.”

Gorman crushed Lee Sandmeier by TKO in the first round during the show’s premiere episode to get into the TUF 18 house. Unfortunately, Gorman further injured a torn hamstring in the fight that forced him off the show. He actually pleaded with White to stay on, but the UFC doctor said that he needs a few months to recover.

Although his dream of becoming the next Ultimate Fighter and winning a six-figure contract on TUF 18 has been shattered, Gorman is trying to find loopholes in the UFC, like talking his way into a fight and calling challenges, much like Chael Sonnen. Gorman is currently targeting Meisha Tate’s boyfriend and assisting coach Bryan Caraway (18-6) to a duel. In fact, Gorman released a video a week ago that issued a challenge to Caraway, saying that his “girlfriend is on the line” this time.

On today’s episode of The MMA Hour, Gorman confirmed with Ariel Helwani that he wants to fight Caraway, and jokingly said that the winner would take Tate out on a date. Since Caraway hasn’t responded to the challenge, Gorman just added more fuel to the fire and said, “I think he’s scared to be honest with you.”

Gorman added:

It’s embarrassing that he hasn’t said anything. I think he’d say something. Say that I’m a joke or say that I’m not worth his time, or say something. I mean, he won’t say anything. I feel like he’s kind of hiding. The fact that Miesha Tate, his girlfriend, had to come out and say something first, I feel like he’s kind of hiding behind his girlfriend. I think Miesha Tate has more guts than he does.

What do you guys think? Is Gorman stepping over the line here? Should Caraway take up his challenge? Drop your say in the comments section below.

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