Michael Berryman Interview [VIDEO] – What Lords Of Salem Could’ve Been

While at the 2013 Montreal Comiccon we came across this guy. As a horror fan, you probably recognize this man, this horror icon, and you’ve probably seen a few of his movies. Michael Berryman has 87 acting credits, according to IMDB, which includes such classic titles as The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Invitation to Hell, Weird Science, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, The Devil’s Rejects, Below Zero.

While talking to him, we learned a few interesting things about Rob Zombie‘s Lords of Salem, namely that Berryman’s part never made it, that they never finished filming it and the studio didn’t allow Zombie to go back and film it. So, from what I understand, Berryman feels that the film suffered from it. It’s also interesting that Berryman expressed that he wished studios would just let Zombie make a movie his own way. I second that. I think what Zombie does is great, but what would a total Zombie vision be?

Although his latest film, Below Zero, directed by Justin Thomas Ostensen and starring Edward Furlong, screened at Montreal Comiccon’s Horrorfest, we also learned that Berryman is working on an anthology of films, but sadly they’re not necessarily horror related. And, he’s writing a book, which will likely be out in the next year or so. Can’t wait for that.

Enjoy the interview!

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