The Island of Doctor Moreau Goes Back Into The Lab For A New Film Adaptation

Over the years, H. G. Wells‘ novel The Island of Doctor Moreau has been green lit for several Hollywood film adaptations. It seems that the time has come for another one, this time by Warner Bros.

The most recent Island of Doctor Moreau film was directed by John Frankenheimer, and starred David Thewlis, Marlon Brando, and Val Kilmer. It was arguably the worst adaptation of all the attempts, so I can’t see why fans of the novel would be opposed to another attempt. Personally, I’d love to see it happen since it’s one of those stories about “morality, cruelty, and man’s abuse of nature” that sticks in your head, which even the terrible 1996 film was able to capture. Just listen to the final monologue by David Thewlis in the clip above and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s actually one of the best parts in the film.

It isn’t shocking that Deadline reported that Warner Bros. is partnering with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way to bring another take on the novel with scribes already attached to the project. Hemlock Grove writers Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy will pen the script with a “topical ecological message” behind it.

No official word yet on when the film will go into production, but we’ll keep you in the know once they’re announced.

Stay tuned!

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