Black Label Society: Weirdest Video Of The Year Contender

Black Label Society revealed a new video for the cover of Bill Wither’s song, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.” The video is freakin’ bizzaro, man. It starts out normal enough, camera pans an old, run-down riverside park, enter sitting man playing guitar, pan up a bit, oh my god, it’s a horse. The rest of the video features three characters, said horse man, unicorn lady, and chicken man. Basically, chicken man is a bad drinker and treats unicorn lady poorly, which leads horse man to kick the shit out of chicken man. Like I said, bizzaro.

There’s a fourth person in the video that I should mention — Vinnie Paul! He’s plays the electric guitar solo on this acoustic track. I’m not even gonna speculate about Zakk Wylde signing up for a Pantera reunion… that I did yesterday.

If you’re interested in getting “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” on an official format, look for it on the live double CD Unblackened September 24th. (Wouldn’t Unblackened have made an excellent debut album title for Jason Newsted?) There’s also a DVD of the same name being released the same day. Unblackened is largely acoustic and was recorded earlier in 2013 out in the City of Angels. See below for a complete track listing.

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Black Label Society, Unblackened track listing:

Disc one
1. “Losin’ Your Mind”
2. “The Blessed Hellride”
3. “Sold My Soul”
4. “Road Back Home”
5. “Spoke in the Wheel”
6. “House of Doom”
7. “Queen of Sorrow”
8. “Machine Gun Man”
9. “Sweet Jesus”
10. “In This River”
11. “Thorwin’ it all Away”

Disc two
1. “Takillya (Estyabon)”
2. “Won’t Find It Here”
3. “Rust”
4. “Speedball”
5. “I Thank You Child”
6. “Stillborn”
7. “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” (Bill Withers)
8. “Lovin’ Woman (Bonus Version)”
9. “Queen of Sorrow” (Unblackened recorded studio version)
10. “Song for You (Bonus Version)” (Bill Withers)
11. “Won’t Find It Here” (Unblackened recorded studio version)
12. “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (Unblackened recorded studio version)

Rock Hard \m/

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