Pantera Bodysuit – Sexy Is, Is A Sexy Does

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Pantera BodysuitPantera BodysuitPantera Bodysuit

There are metal chicks, and then there are sexy metal chicks. And sexy metal chicks bring their metal to their femininity in ways that blow the mind. One such way can be seen in this bad-ass yet sexy Pantera bodysuit by Blackheart. Seriously, meeting a chick that likes metal is hard, meeting a chick that’s hot and likes metal is harder, and meeting a hot metal chick who sports the gear in the bedroom might be damn near impossible. All of what I just said is possible, it’s just less likely since heavy metal has historically been a major sausage-fest.

Now, Blackheart is a proprietor of “lingerie for girls who rock & roll,” and this Pantera bodysuit features black cotton/spandex material with a white Pantera logo, a strappy cutout back, and a bottom snap closure. The sexy unit retails for $34.50. Unfortunately, the stockings aren’t included… neither is the model.

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