Tom Savini To Direct A Unique Zombie Film Entitled “Death Island”

Award-winning special effects and makeup artist Tom Savini might direct a feature film again, and it will deal with a beloved subgenre that he helped put on the map. Zombies! You might be saying to yourself, “not another one,” and I’m somewhat thinking the same thing in my head. But it’s Tom Savini, the zen master of movie magic, so we all might need to give this one a chance.

A recent announcement promises that the new movie entitled Death Island will be a “unique take on the undead that is sure to become an instant classic.” You can believe the hype or not since there is a huge outbreak of zombie movies as of late, and the genre can be retold differently so many times. However, Savini did tell us in an interview last year that he hopes to do the “new wave of zombies,” and I’m going to have to take his word on it.

Death Island

Savini re-wrote a script with co-writer Rick Danford for Death Island, and casting has already begun for the movie. Horror icon Tony Todd is set to play a significant role and genre favorite Tiffany Shepis is also on board for the project.

If a fundraiser for the movie is deemed successful, which starts in 10 days. Then expect production for Death Island to begin toward the end of the year.

Death Island synopsis

Legend has it that several years ago, during an aborted invasion of Haiti by U.S. forces, several shamans created a zombie army to help defend their homeland from invading troops. It is believed that these creatures still prowl the surrounding islands and have been blamed for the disappearance of many trespassing tourists. But when a small film production team visits one of the islands, they soon learn, while fighting for their very survival, that some legends are real.

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