Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead – Fresh Meat Added To The Cast List

First and foremost, the sequel to the epic Nazi zombie sub-genre Dead Snow directed by Tommy Wirkola is now officially titled Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead. Just so you, we’ve read that Red vs. Dead picks up right were the first film left off, and the action starts immediately with Martin, the sole survivor of the group seen in Dead Snow. Unfortunately for Martin, the evil Nazi zombie leader Colonel Herzog is also back, and his troops are ready to shed some blood again for him. However, an American gang of zombie killers will be on the battleground this time around to try and stop the zombie attack.

Everything you loved about the first movie, you’ll get more of this time around, in what we’ve called Dead Snow: Red vs Dead. A lot more. To quote AC/DC; if you want blood, we’ve got it. And gore. And laughs.

In addition to those details, the Norwegian director has started work, and added three new faces to the sequel, according to Variety. Martin Starr (This Is The End), Ingrid Haas (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Jocelyn Deboer will all have a part in Red Vs. Dead, and help bring Wirkola’s blood-wrenching film to life, which will also be shot in Norwegian and English.

No word yet on when the sequel will be released, but we’ll keep our readers in the loop when it gets announced.

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